Lifestyle of a Single Professional

Be empowered.

Take control of your Life.


Manage lifes Ups and Downs

be you.

And don't apologize for it

Lifestyle of a
Single professional


My name is Sanjana (SUN-jah-nah). 🙂 I’m a physician anesthesiologist and I also have an MBA.

Over the years I have moved multiple times for my job; I’ve made friends & lost friends; I’ve cared for sick parents and have coped with absolute heartbreak (and yep still single!).

And I’ve come out of all of it stronger and more in control of my life than ever before.

While dealing with all of that, I paid off all of my student debt (>150k worth), I bought a home, I’ve cemented my true friendships and I continue to date, travel and learn about myself. 

I want all women to know how to pick themselves back up, reach their goals and EMPOWER themselves to live their best life – emotionally, physically, professionally and financially.

My blog posts reflect this mission through stories on life (finances, dating, relationships, and dealing with adversity), career (job advice, navigating the workforce), and travel (budgeting, solo experiences, tips and tricks to being safe and having fun!).

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing!

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