“Lifestyle of a single professional”


Welcome to my thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences.  Everything I say is my own voice; I am in no way representing anyone or any entity.

I’ve started this because I feel that people out there, with backgrounds and goals similar to mine, who encounter similar problems, heartaches and work related stressors, yet feel alone and stuck in their situations. No, I am not a self help guru, I’m just me..hoping to put out a voice and create a space for people to come together and share their stories.


(Warning: if you don’t get sarcasm or have a problem with it, this blog may not be for you)




Thought piece: Bridging the Gap

The Gap I mentioned in another post, the reasons for getting a dual degree. Many of those reasons stem from the fact that we need more physician leadership to help bridge the gap between clinicians and managers. However, I think the changing landscape of healthcare will force all of us (if it hasn’t already), as …


Bridging the Gap: Curriculum Idea

One of my projects as a fellow was to create a curriculum that could be incorporated in training programs. Given that I’m anesthesia, some of the topics and methods cater to my specialty. However, I think this idea could apply to any field. I know there are some programs out there that are starting to …


Addressing the issue of time off between jobs

Whether you’re a resident preparing for fellowship, or a fellow preparing to finally, actually, enter the real world, I have one piece of advice: TAKE TIME OFF. DO NOT go straight from one part of life to another. I know this is not always possible. Many fellowships start on July 1st and you have no …


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About the Author

30 something; Single; Living in SoCal.

Anesthesia; Business; Female Boss

Travel Junkie; Lover of Dance; Bookworm;

Wino; Tea and Coffee addict; Food enthusiast


Just trying to live life MY way and hoping to encourage others to do the same.

Be three good things…be YOUR three.