$200 Visa Gift Card – Self Care Giveaway

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Alright, no nice way to say it, 2020 sucks.

Too much negative nonsense has happened. Too many jobs lost, lives lost, travel plans cancelled, and school plans altered.

A lot of kids nowadays are missing out on basic life experiences. Too many adults are dealing with 100x more stress than they were before.

As I always say, everything happens for a reason. I truly hope that we learn some critical life lessons from this pandemic and come out of it a better community, a better nation.

In the mean time, we have to deal with it. We have had to adjust to life that is defined by a new norm. For some of us it’s easier than for others. I, as a physician, cannot work from home. In the beginning of the pandemic especially I lost a ton of sleep and grew a few more gray hairs. Now, I feel more comfortable with this new norm, but I still miss my old life.

I miss doing things at a drop of a hat; I miss booking flights to faraway places; I miss brunch and delicious cocktails (though I have been venturing out more now- it’s not the same). My friend said it right: the freedom that we had before isn’t there. The carefree spirit that we took with us and spontaneity has been dimmed.

Again, we have to deal with it and adjust to these life changing events. I personally think that a big part of adjusting to anything is to be nice to yourself; forgive yourself; allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling, whether it’s positive or negative. Give yourselves a break.

But, practicing self-care isn’t just emotional, it’s also physical. Massages? Facials? Nails done? Dinners out to treat yourself? (socially distanced of course) Shopping for fun?

The giveaway I’m doing here is all for your self-care needs. Do what you need to do to give yourself a boost. Or use it to fund something that you need and can’t afford.

It’s a VISA gift card! You will be able to use it anywhere and everywhere. Take care of yourself out there.

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15 thoughts on “$200 Visa Gift Card – Self Care Giveaway”

  1. Sherri Digiovanni

    This would be a big treat for me,after all the disruption in my and my familys’ life the past 5 months!
    Very nice gift!

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