Weekend Toast July 7, 2018

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I’ve been seeing a lot of posts out there by bloggers where they gather their favorite articles each week and share them.  I’ve had the privilege of being one of those referenced (thank you passiveincomemd, ofmiceandmoney, somerandomguyonline–check these guys out if you haven’t yet!)

So I decided to try my hand at the same.  My blog is not as specific as theirs, so I thought I’d try to pick a theme for each weekend toast and stick to it.  For instance, this summer I’ve been posting a lot on traveling–destinations, tips, planning, packing etc.  So then for my first toast, I’d like to point you towards some great travel posts that I’ve come across recently.


TravelReadyMD’s post on the 7 highly effective habits of International Travelers lists all the methods everyone can (and should) use to stay safe while traveling abroad.

SightseeMD is written by a surgeon couple.  One of their older posts that I came across The Physician Travel Delimma: Finding Time to Travel is worth a read.  It mentions how and when during your training, or even after, you can work your schedule to fit in travel time.  After reading this, there should be no excuses to not travel!

ModMedBlog shares some tips on budget flights, specifically for students, but I think is applicable to anyone on a tight budget or wanting to travel as frugally as possible! Check it out How to get cheap flights-Traveling on a Student Dime.

PhysicianonFIRE outlines different travel credit card options in Credit Cards for People who Love Travel and Money, along with how to track and manage them!

I hope, if nothing else, this inspires you to plan your next trip!





Sharing is caring!

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