1. DrStuppy
    May 15, 2018 @ 06:31

    I do think times are changing and I see more physicians starting to see the value in understanding the business of medicine. When business people are in charge of healthcare, they only look at the short term money aspects. We need people who also understand the human aspects and the implications on healthcare when we make cost saving decisions.

    • bethree
      May 15, 2018 @ 08:28

      Agreed! There has to be people at the decision making level who can stand up for physician’s ability to provide effective and safe care. I feel like providing physicians with the knowledge earlier rather than later can offer the opportunity for an entire generation of new physicians to step in and share their voice early on. Hopefully things keep evolving so that this eventually becomes a reality! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Latasha
    May 14, 2018 @ 10:03

    Very good article! I totally agree.

    • bethree
      May 15, 2018 @ 14:22

      Thank you so much for reading!

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