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The GoodMen Project

12 Life Lessons to Learn, and Keep, From This Pandemic

Market Watch

How is coronavirus changing us? 12 life lessons we are learning

Your Money Geek

What You Need to Know About GoodRx in 2020

7 Ways To Protect Yourself When Traveling After COVID 19

5 Things You Should Do If You’ve Been Furloughed

12 Life Lessons to Learn, and Keep, From This Pandemic

How to Save Money on Self-care

The Mindful MD Mom

Positivity As a Way to Cope in Times of Stress


10 Lessons From My First Year as a Female Attending

Thrive Global

How Reading Everyday Helps Me Stay Calm

Life’s Greatest Lesson: It’s too short

I don’t live a fabulous life; I just create fabulous moments

What This Pandemic Has Taught Me About Life & My Priorities.

How I Stay Productive and Manage My Time When Working, From Home or at Work

How I Push Myself Out of My Comfort Zone

How I Adapted After a Life Changing Event

Be Present: Ways You Can Let Go and Be in the Moment

Steps I’ve Taken to Relieve Stress and Improve Sleep

How Seeing a Therapist Has Changed My Life

Stay Positive During Times of Stress

10 Lessons From My First Year As a Female Attending Physician

Battling Imposter Syndrome


I See A Therapist, and so Should Everyone in Medicine

10 Lessons from My First Year as a Female Attending Physician



Save Money by Bargain Shopping When Traveling



Why This Physician Sees a Therapist

Why This Physician Has an MD/MBA

What my mother needs is a daughter, not a doctor


Defining and Beating Imposter Syndrome

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These 9 Pros Have Made Big Life Changes Because of the Pandemic

13 Coronavirus Quarantining Activities You Need!

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