5 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Author: Rebecca Siggers

Some people believe it’s near impossible to stay healthy while traveling. Others who travel on vacation or to relax while away from home, feel the two are mutually exclusive. Healthy routines do not necessarily have to be absent in your travel plans. The good news is, you can even do it without really breaking a sweat. Well, you probably will sweat a bit.

There are many helpful tips and tricks you can adopt into your routine that make your health thank you when your trip is over. The good thing is, it does not mean you will have to cut back on your other plans. You can still try the indigenous foods and drink and party, so long as you continue to balance that with other healthy behaviors.

Once you’ve decided you want to be healthy, you should know it comes with a conscious effort. So, below are five easy ways to stay healthy while traveling, most of them you might not even realize you’re doing.

1 – Add Exercising to Your Routine

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

Exercising while on a trip might not be as easy, but it is one of the best ways to stay in shape. You can find a local gym as soon as you recover from your journey. Usually, this can easily be done with google maps. 

Having a date with a local gym every day or a few days in a week often helps maintain those abs or that waistline. If lifting weights or running on the treadmill isn’t your thing, you can equally keep in shape by trying weightless cardio wherever you’re lodging. You can decide to do it first thing in the morning or whenever you get the time. Both choices work just fine. 

There are also many apps that help you exercise on the go. You could also find the nearest park or open space to do some lunges and squats if working out in your hostel, hotel, or Airbnb isn’t working for you.

Walking is also a great way to stay healthy while traveling. If you’re one to skip your workout days now and then, walking everywhere you can boosts your health tremendously. Take the stairs, walk to that grocery store or restaurant, skip that taxi for a walk through the city or town, it’s worth it. 

If it’s a vacation, you can also add more hiking sites to your itinerary. I’ll add that choosing to exercise does not necessarily mean you would fill your 4runner roof rack with your belongings going to the airport. A pair of running shoes, one or two leggings, and a tank/baggy top will do.

2 – Watch Your Diet

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

What you put into your body is as important as exercising when it comes to staying fit. Everyone has different diet goals, and you can either let your trip help you achieve them or not. However, you should know that since the goals are different, the methods for attaining them also differ.

Generally, trying to stay healthy while traveling requires you to cut down on carbs and junk foods. Instead, try to eat a lot of vegetables, especially dark green leafy vegetables. You should also make sure that some kind of protein source is present in every meal. Some of these proteins include eggs, beans, fish, and meat.

Staying healthy does not mean you should steer clear of the traditional foods of the country. You can indulge in them but opt for healthier options, if available. Also, if there are particular foods you’ve been dying to try that have lots of carbs, you can avoid eating them twice in a row. Alternatively, space them out by trying them out one each day or every other day. 

If you’re strictly watching that waistline, fasting intermittently also goes a long way. Skipping supper after a big lunch could reduce your daily intake of calories. However, remember to start your day with some breakfast. It is vital.

3 – Relax as Much as You Can

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Staying fit and healthy does not only require concentrating on your weight and body but your mental health as well. While on your trip, partake in a lot of activities that improve your mood. It is not very healthy to stay at your lodging and sleep all day. Don’t get it wrong; sleeping is essential during your travels – especially at the beginning when you’re also dealing with the jetlag from being in a new time zone. The last thing you want is to face each day feeling completely worn out. 

Thus, it is crucial to sleep whenever you feel tired. Avoid staying up all night, especially if you have important plans the next day. Whenever you return from a hiking adventure, a long walk through town, or simply an exhausting day, you can always take a short nap to re-energize your brain. Or, just be ideal and spend a few hours enjoying the weather or scene, it works in boosting your mood.

In addition, doing the right activities at the right time can significantly improve your health. Practicing mindfulness and meditating is one way of staying calm despite the stress. If you’re not traveling for pleasure, taking some minutes out of your day to meditate can help you manage the stress. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t meditate if you’re traveling for pleasure. 

Meditation is primarily focusing on your breath and training your mind to be emotionally calm. You can literally practice it anywhere, whenever you feel like. Taking those feel-good minutes out of your time to stay calm can help you to continue the rest of your day smoothly.

Bonus Tip

Relaxation comes in so many different forms. There are very affordable ways to relax during a trip. Some include sleeping, sitting in your balcony or by the poolside of your lodging, or just sitting in the park. Using those moments of your vacation to free your mind of all worries while taking in the environment is very therapeutic.

4- Take Part in Activities

Photo by RUN 4 FFWPU from Pexels

Sometimes, you might be lucky to witness a few activities in the city or town you’re visiting. Annual festivals and cultural activities are examples of such. When events like these happen where you stay, join in. Like resting and meditating, this also helps you to keep fit and healthy mentally.  

Sometimes these events involve competitions where foreigners are allowed to partake. You can equally use that opportunity to tone those muscles. Of course, if you plan to stay fit throughout your trip, you might have to exercise more than once.

If your trip will take a while, you can enroll in some classes to keep you busy. Dance lessons or training in some kind of combat also counts. What’s also great about them is that such experiences often do not feel like exercises.

If you like to party, you can spend a night or two doing so dancing. Dancing is a form of easy exercise for people who love to party. A chance to quickly burn out those calories you accumulated during the day. Or you could spend the night walking through the town and enjoying the sights at night. 

Bonus Tip

It is often unlikely to meet festivals and organized activities unless you plan your vacation within that period. If you find yourself in such a situation, there are still tons to do. You can ask locals for famous attractions in your location and survey them. 

If you are traveling as a group, you can organize camping and trips as well as fun adventures near bodys of water close to you.

5 – Stay Hydrated

Photo by Bit Cloud on Unsplash

Water should be a necessity in your everyday life, and even more so when you travel. Staying hydrated has so many benefits to your skin, your mind and internal organs are always grateful. It is super easy to skip a bottle or two of water a day when you are curious and eager to try or see new things in a foreign environment. 

However, you have to make a conscious effort to remember your fluids if you plan to stay healthy while traveling. Depending on your weight goal, the amounts to take vary. But, about three liters each day is generally healthy. If you exercise regularly too, water must be an essential best friend. Do not forget that bottle of water when you leave your lodge for that early morning hike. 

Even if you plan to spend the whole day at the beach or by the pool sunbathing, you still have to remember to drink your water regularly. The environment you are in also contributes a great deal to how much water you need to take. If you are traveling to humid areas that are generally always warm, you would need to take twice as much as you would visiting a cold destination.

Do not be too hard on yourself if you forget once or twice. There are apps that you can install to remind you. Or, you can set a reminder on your phone to do the job.

Bonus Tip

Do not forget your other fluids, either. Milkshakes and fruit juices are an excellent substitute for sodas. While traveling, there can be frequent temptations pertaining to junk foods and liquids. But, this is the time to be motivated to stay healthy. The last thing you want is to get ill in a foreign land. 

You can adopt these healthy liquids in your meals too. Taking a smoothie during breakfast does wonders to your mood. However, avoid fruits with a lot of sugar.


If you have ever hesitated about taking that vacation or trip because you feel you might slack on keeping fit, you need not worry about that anymore. It is, in fact, very possible to stay fit and healthy while you’re traveling.

 Most of these tips are quite easy and fun. You might not even realize you’re doing them. But, it is essential to know that deciding to stay fit requires conscious effort. If you don’t try, you can just as easily fall into having consecutive lazy days and eating unhealthily.

However, following the tips and tricks will give you a snatched waistline or perfect abs to match your tan if that’s your goal. Comment below if you have any other easy tips you want to share!

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