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Find Your Squad: Empowering Yourself Step 2

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(If you missed Step 1, you can read it here! : Know Thyself)

Find your support squad and be a supporter for someone else.

I’m all for supporting other women, in life and online. In the blogging world, as an example, you have to right? It’s all about collaboration and not competition.  Any blogger out there can attest to this.  Only by making friends online and showing your support will you get that support back.  The same concept applies in real life.

In the book “Girl Code“, the author nicely explains how the only way we win is to help each other out.  That we need to stop seeing each other as competition.  Because at the end of the day, even if it seems like we are doing the same things, we are different people with different experiences and different points of view.  

So my unique take is going to attract a subset of people, and you will attract a different subset of people who share YOUR point of view.  So why compete?  Aren’t we all supposed to be friends?

Take a Look Around

So now, take a look at your own friends.  Are they supporting you? Encouraging you? Are they there for you when you need to vent? Feeling unsure of yourself is a natural part of any kind of growth, and women are more susceptible to it.

Especially now, so many of us are doing things that women in the past haven’t done. So feeling uncertain, and feelings of self doubt are alllll normal.  What matters is that you continue on no matter what.  You started your journey for a reason;  you owe it to yourself to see it through and you deserve to reap the benefits.

Even more importantly, because you will doubt yourself at some point and want to quit, you need to make sure you surround yourself with an army of cheerleaders. I.e.

Find your squad. 

This can be friends, family, significant others, mentors, coworkers–make sure you have that support system.

I’m not saying that everyone you surround yourself with needs to agree with you all the time–because then how will you learn?? But you do need people who will continue to have your back, and will continue to encourage you no matter how you’re feeling.

In other words:

distance yourself from the haters.  Stay away from people who criticize you in any way that discourages you or brings you down.  The more successful you are, or become, the more you’ll attract those who are jealous of your accomplishments.

Keep in mind, that bringing you down may be a way that those people make themselves feel better.  So ignore the hate; or better yet, use it as fuel to be even better than you already are.

Return the favor

As important as finding your squad, is that you are also a part of someone else’s.  And you shouldn’t wait for someone to support you before you support them.  If you encounter someone that needs assistance, or is struggling or is new to their job, offer your help; offer your support; be THEIR squad.  In fact, start it if they need one.

Sometimes by being there for others, we gain much more for ourselves.  Plus, I think in supporting your fellow female badass, you are also setting an example. 

The example that helping another does not diminish your worth and the idea that someone else’s success is not your failure.

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Have you achieved your squad goals? Share your stories below!

Stay tuned for Step 3 to Empowering Yourself!

Sharing is caring!

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