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Ideas for Things to do at Home During a Quarantine

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There’s a lot going on right now. We are being asked to give up our social freedoms in order to help prevent the spread of sickness. For anyone not taking it seriously: you should start. There’s a reason for these measures, and that reason is to keep you and your loved ones safe. However, in the era of having 3985039 things to do at our finger tips, it get tricky trying to figure out things to do at home when you’re stuck and can’t go anywhere. Netflix and chill will only last you so long.

So I compiled a list of things to do at home to help you pass the time and hopefully enrich this experience and make it the opportunity for something positive.

Online Classes


We’ve all heard of MasterClass? It’s a monthly subscription that gives you access to the best people in different industries. For instance, curious about makeup? Get a lesson from Bobbi Brown. If you have friends/family interested in this, one or two of you can sign up and share classes with others. This way everyone can take part, and you get to learn from the masters themselves!

Join the Ivy Leagues

I saw this on Facebook the other day: Here are 450 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free. So I clicked on this to see what it was about. It’s legit. Scroll towards the bottom and you’ll see tons of class options. I clicked on one of the business ones, signed up and was taken to Wharton’s page for the course. There is an option to pay for the course which will get you a certificate of completion and you’ll take an exam etc, to prove your knowledge. However, the free version has you auditing the course, no exams, you just learn! I fully intend to take advantage of this opportunity and so should you.


For anyone needing fun things to do with kids at home, and with all school closures, you don’t have to hit pause on your kids education: Scholastic has online courses for free. This link: Scholastic is offering free online courses so your kids can keep learning while schools are closed has further information, along with links to where you can get access to the classes.


Everyone already knows that my favorite thing to do at home of all time is to read. If you’ve already got a book you have started, then now is a great time to continue reading. If you need some inspiration, then to help you get started check out this list: Here’s How to Read Everyday.

In addition, ask around at your local libraries or bookstores. Some, like the New York Public Library, for instance, have options for you to download and ebooks for free with your library card.


Some Broadway shows are recorded and available on streaming services. This list of 15 Broadway Plays and Musicals You Can Watch On Stage From Home is a great way to pass the time and watch some amazing talent.

Visit a Museum

There are several famous museums that have virtual tour options available. You can visit, take a look around, inspect some cool and unusual artwork from the comfort of your home. For anyone who had to cancel travel plans, this might be the thing to do at home to help give you that cultural exposure you need! Check it out: These 12 famous museums offer virtual tours you can take on your couch. P.s. I clicked on a couple of links, they work and the way the tours are set up are great. Enjoy!


Invest in the stock market

The stock market is doing a yo-yo. With everything up in the air, you’ve got two reactions: fear/terror and fist pumps for the opportunity. Now is a great time to study the stock market and learn about it. To get started, focus on the basics: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs. If you have extra cash that you can use, start to dip your toes in the investment waters. For anyone my age, we missed the 2008 opportunity, so you should take part in this one!


Next, for anyone who hasn’t done their taxes, you’ve literally got nothing better to do now. Get started and get it done.

Figure out your budget

When was the last time you took a good hard look at your expenses? I know many who are used to spending a certain amount each month without even thinking about it. However, if you look to see where your money is going, I bet you’ll find areas of waste. It’s not the most exciting thing to do at home, I know, however, why spend if you don’t have to? Think about how much you could save, OR re-allot towards investments!


It’s spring. Time for spring cleaning!! When was the last time you did this? When was the last time you pulled a Marie Kondo and cleaned the back of your closet or went through all the boxes in the garage? You’ve got all the time for random things to do at home, so let’s take advantage and downsize and get rid of all those unnecessary items you forgot you had.

Your Closet

Another favorite thing to do at home for me is to organize my closet. I like to take a look at what I’ve got, see if its useful and will help me look the part at work, and also make sure it’s organized in a way that I can see and remember everything I own.

If you’re looking for a way to revamp your wardrobe and make it more cohesive, then might I suggest you work on a capsule wardrobe for yourself.

Your Kitchen

Bro, clean out that fridge and freezer. I did this for some family friends once and I swear there was freezer food from two years prior and food in the back of the fridge that was unrecognizable. Please dump out the old and keep your perishables fresh.

Do the same with your pantry and cabinets. One year, my brother and I went through our parents kitchen and found 5 different sets of plates/cups/saucers. Over the years they just buying new but never got rid of the old. We made three boxes of stuff for Goodwill just from the kitchen. Let use this opportunity to give back to those in need, because you definitely don’t need 5 sets of plates.

Your Garage

If you live in a warmer climate, this is the perfect thing to do at home: sort through all the garage junk. Trust me, you don’t need half of what’s in there.

The Bathrooms

Alright, ladies, how many of you buy beauty products and dump them in that one drawer or basket in the bathroom and then don’t remember what you have? Time to empty the drawers and baskets and see what you’ve got. Old makeup needs to be thrown out ASAP.

Activities that Don’t Involve Screen Time

I know it’s everyone’s favorite thing to do at home, but there’s only so much Netflix and chill you can do before you feel like your brain is turning to mush. So here are some fun things and fun activities for kids and adults that can help you stay busy, entertain you, allow you to spend time together and hopefully pass the time in a fun way.

Build Forts

GUYS, how many of you did this as a kid? I LOOVED doing this. I don’t think you have to be a kid to do it either. Grab all those sheets blankets, empty boxes from the garage (cuz you cleaned them out), chairs and get to constructing your mega adult fort. Then do whatever you like inside of it.

Play Board Games

I’m sure we still have these lying around somewhere, or you’ll dig them up out of the garage. Dust them off and start reliving your childhood. Set up family competitions; create a winning trophy for the winning team/player. Promise to do each other’s chores, or make each other dinner. Make it so that it’s more than a board game. Give yourselves a goal to work toward and see how everything plays out!

On the same note: you can play card games or interactive games like charades, have karaoke night, or put on a talent show. In addition to passing the time, these will all help you bond and create new memories!


Honestly, you could do these while also watching movies or binge-watching a show.


There are all kinds of workout activities you can do at home: situps, push ups, yoga (Down Dog is offering their app for free at this time!). You can also venture out for a walk/jog if the weather permits (just don’t go to the gym!).

Many gyms are offering their classes online. Check-in with yours if you have one and see if this option exists for you.

Cooking experiments

Do want to learn new recipes, or try different dishes and cuisines? I know groceries are limited, but there are some really great simple recipes out there that you can do with what you’ve got. This is a great thing to do at home as a family or couple, or even alone. One of my favorite things to make growing up was puppy chow. All simple ingredients, quick to make, and serves as a great snack!

Streaming Options

Of course, when all else fails, or if you’re just having a lazy day, then Netflix and Chill or Amazon Prime and Dine does have a lot to offer. Here are some things I’ve watched recently that I recommend, see if any of these appeal to you!



  • Poverty Inc.
  • Food Evolution
  • Game Changers
  • Too Big to Fail
  • Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator


  • The Big Short
  • Ford V. Ferrari
  • The Help
  • Hidden Figures


Amazon Original

  • Homeland
  • Jack Ryan
  • Goliath
  • Homecoming

Netflix Original

  • House of Cards
  • Stranger Things
  • Narcos
  • Daredevil
  • The Crown
  • Iron Fist
  • The Witcher
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Hulu Original

  • Handmaids Tale


  • The Men Who Built America
  • Coming Soon: Self Made: The story of Madam CJ Walker (can’t wait for this one)

TV Series now streaming

  • Scandal
  • White Collar
  • Suits
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Dexter
  • The Tudors
  • Game of Thrones

There’s of course tons more options for you available on these services. This list is just meant to help inspire and give you ideas, especially since we all know the amount of time it can take to find something worth watching.

Things to do at Home By Yourself

To round it off, I’d like to make some suggestions if you’re riding this out solo, in addition to all of the above.

Engage in Self Care

No time like the present to work on your peace of mind: meditate, take care of your skin, take a bubble bath, hydrate, and get sleep!


You’ve got time to make those phone calls, reach out to family and friends that you maybe aren’t able to talk to on a regular basis. See how everyone is doing. Reconnect and reboot your relationships.

Reassess your work

This quarantine has brought to light a lot of issues in the workforce. Many companies/jobs will not let you work from home; some don’t pay as well or at all. Maybe now is a good time to see what your options are.

In Summary

Overall, make sure you don’t panic, get plenty of sleep, hydrate, eat well, continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and just be safe.

This time is meant to be preventative and protective. It will pass by faster than you think. In the meantime, enjoy these things to do at home.

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