Weekend Toast 11/4/18

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one stop shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: a new book recommendation; how to reassess your rental properties; retirement information; rising above rejection; the benefits of caffeine; and finding balance once coming OUT of retirement.



ThinkSaveRetire gives his recommendation on a new book read, “The Next Millionaire Next Door”, written by the daughter of the writer of the original “Millionaire Next Door”.  I’ll admit I haven’t read either (I know, I know, I WILL).  But his article gives you some insight on what the books are about and how they changed his perceptions.  I wanted to share it here to highlight a new book read for anyone searching!  If you happen to read it before I do, then please share your thoughts!  The Next Millionaire Next Door: Its a data science powerhouse and an insightful read

For anyone wanting to own rental property, or maybe you already do, this post by SemiRetiredMD is great. It breaks down how you should be assessing (or reassessing) your property value in relation to your cash flows for the property.  Check it out at Own a Rental Property? Be sure to track this one metric.

Womenwhomoney has a article detailing the pros and cons of contributing to a 457 retirement account.  This is primarily for government employees, but not every government employer provides this option.  I have this at my work, and finally last year I called them to see what the deal was with my plan.  Some plans won’t let you take your 457 with you if you leave (my biggest question), plus may have hidden fees.  So, if you see this as an option, definitely ask questions before you invest! Check out more at What Is A 457 And Whose Lucky Enough To Qualify For One?


We’ve all faced rejection and have been told that we can’t do something..for some reason or another.  Dr. Corriel shares her experience in Embrace the Rejection: The Beatles Said Go Go Go When My Counselor Said No No No.  See what she says about it, and how being told “no” drove her to prove everyone wrong.  Its a great reminder that no one can hold you back but yourself.

Guys, we’ve all heard the benefits of coffee/tea/caffeine, but the Stiletto MD delves further and shares some caffeine, or coffee, based products that you can use in your daily routines! Check it out in  Health Benefits of Coffee: A Healthy Addiction.  As if you needed another reason to brew a new pot 🙂

like a boss mugh
The Coffee mug for all badass women out there, holds 16 oz of coffee 😉


MinimalMD shares how she retired and then is now out of retirement (at age 36) in her post Putting retirement on Pause: what I did to find balance.  She shares some truths that she’s discovered about herself and her process in figuring out how to move forward.  I think she shares some great insight on adjusting to life’s many changes that we face and how we need to sometimes pause and reassess not only our options, but what matters most.

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