Weekend Toast 12/1, Holidays edition

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one stop shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass.

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: cyber Monday; holiday budgets and savings; plastic free; clothing bans; new holiday hotspots



Cyber Monday is tomorrow! Stay safe when shopping for all your online purchases. Not every website is legit or reliable. Always do your research and follow these steps outlined by Debt Discipline for making sure that you perform your purchases safely BEST CYBER MONDAY DEALS: SHOP SAFELY .

This is an expensive time of year: gifts, baking, traveling home to see family. If you aren’t careful, you can overspend…in fact some people accrue debt because of their holiday spending! Avoid this downfall and follow the tips by Invested Wallet in his post Creating a Holiday Budget: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Hope it helps!

ON the same note ThinkSaveRetire brings us a post on saving during all holidays. If you’re that person that gets into festivities throughout the year, this is for you. Check out the savings, and examples, for different holidays in the post The Festive Person’s Guide to Saving Money During Every Single Holiday in 2019-2020


TreadinglightlyRetireEarly is trying something new this holiday season: reducing/eliminating plastic use. I’ve seen videos and read articles about people doing this and the difficulties they’ve encountered. Plastic is literally a part of every corner of our lives. If this is something that you’d be interested in trying, then check out this post for some inspiration, and follow their journey! The Plastic Free December Challenge (12/1-12/7)

Another great perspective on life and the material items we surround ourselves with by RadicalFire. In their post they talk about a one year clothing ban and how it changed their lives for the better. I’ve recently been seeing and reading more and more articles about how the fashion industry is one of the greatest contributors to pollution and water consumption. The last bit of news I read stated that buying even ONE used item of clothing is the equivalent of taking half a million cars of the road! Like wow. Imagine if you just didn’t shop for a year?! Check out this post and see if this is something you could do, even for a short period. The Earth will thank you for it. How I Bought No Clothes For Over A Year & Lessons From My Clothing Ban

By the time this post comes out, Thanksgiving will be over, but the eating and bingeing will not be. In an era of InstantPots, and given that I have one and haven’t used it yet (eek), I started looking up some recipes specifically for the InstantPot. The result was this awesome list of recipes by Making Sense of Cents. See if this helps with the rest of your holiday planning, or even a nice meal otherwise! 13 Instantpot Thanksgiving Side Dishes.


For those that have time off this holiday season and don’t know where to go, see what Live Share Travel suggests is the new holiday hotspot: Georgia (the country). Based on these pictures, I’m definitely adding to my list of places to see! How Georgia (the country) has become a new holiday hotspot

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Toast 12/1, Holidays edition”

  1. Thanks for including me, I appreciate it! Love your addition that buying one used item means taking half a million cars off the road – that’s amazing. That’s motivating to go shopping second hand when I do decide to break the clothing ban!

    1. I know! I was shocked by that statistic. It made want to initiate my own clothing ban. Kudos to you for already being there!

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