Weekend Toast 12/29

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one-stop shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass.

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: finance software; online brokers; home buying guide; living in silence; saving on holiday spending; frugal traveling



Anyone have financial organization as part of their New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you don’t know where to begin, or how to go about getting everything in order? InvestedWallet has solutions for you in his post The Best Personal Finance Software That Is Free For You To Use. Become a pro at managing your money in 2020!

Hand in hand with being organized financially is having the best line up of investment brokers possible for your different investment types. Knowing who to choose, however, can get very confusing. I shared a great post recently by Just Start Investing, wherein he breaks it down for you and hopefully makes the whole process easier! Check it out: Your Guide to Choosing Online Brokers

I bought a house this year and it would not have been possible without all the help I received from my family, real estate agent and all the research I did to make sure it was the right decision. If you’re on your way to making the same kind of huge life purchase, make sure you know what you need to know! How to FIRE put together a guide on how and where to begin in the home buying process. Hope it helps! Buying a Home: the Ultimate Guide for First-time Home Buyers

While a major holiday is behind us, there are more to come in the new year. Full Time Finance post on How to Save on Holiday Spending, I think, is applicable to those upcoming events. Check it out and see how you can save and still enjoy the time you have with the people you’re buying for!


I posted on Instagram one day a picture of myself with a button on my jacket that says “I am on voice rest”. I wasn’t really, I stole the button from the cart of the ENT surgeon I was working with, kind of as a joke, and wore it with the intention that “hey, I don’t have to talk to anyone today!”. The opposite happened; I’ve never had more questions or been approached more in my life. However, it got me thinking about how we all probably need to rest ourselves, speak less, listen more and be more in the moment. MD Heal Thyself did an actual retreat and spent 8 days in total silence. They share their experience in their post The Power of the Mind. What I Learned from Eight Days in Silence. Check it out and see if this is for you!


It’s always a good time to travel in my opinion. I’ve traveled quite a bit in the last few years, both with friends and solo, and aim to continue doing so in the future. Traveling can be an expensive hobby, however, and can be difficult to budget and plan for. How to Fire gives a great post on frugal traveling in their post Frugal Traveler: 15 Great Tips to Save Money on Travel. I agree with all of these, especially number 9 on taking a carry on only! See if these tips help you on your next trip.

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