Weekend Toast 2/2

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one-stop-shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass.

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: showing gratitude; setting values; party hosting; minimalist lifestyles; travel hacks, with and without credit card points; flight shaming; when to go shopping to save money; becoming a consultant, and quotes to improve your hustle!



Showing gratitude has been shown to increase happiness and satisfaction in life. Journaling is also said to help with managing stress and reflecting on your thoughts and emotions, thus helping you sort through them. Radical FIRE combines the two and tells us how to create and continue a gratitude journal. I’ve done this myself and find it to be very helpful in identifying and appreciating everything that you have. How to Keep a Gratitude Journal to Improve Your Life.

As we roll into 2020, I’m sure everyone has been setting goals for themselves in regards to life, career, personal health etc. The Better Grind has another suggestion: set your values. If you haven’t done this, or thought of it this way, check out their post. It goes through step by step on how to define your values and set them for yourself, plus worksheets to help you get it all done. See if it helps! Happy value setting! Value Setting Exercise: Set Values (Not Just Goals!)

Hosting a party soon? Maybe for the Superbowl tonight? MikedUp Blog writes a post on how to be the best party host (in case you need some help and inspiration), plus some tips and tricks for throwing the party! Cheers! How to Be a Great Party Host: Tips, Tricks, and More

For anyone trying the minimalist approach to life this year, check out this guest post hosted by Dr. McFrugral about the benefits, and some ways to incorporate it into your everyday life! I personally, and working harder to limit my excess spending, and to get rid of things I don’t use or need. De-cluttering allows for room for so much more. Check it out and see if this helps you too! Practice Minimalism To Improve Your Financial Health And Quality Of Life


For all travel junkies, or travel junkie wannabes out there this year, this post by Keeping Up With the Bulls is for you. Travel hack your way through the year with these 5 Travel Hacks to Save Time and Money. As we all know, time is money, so this is a win-win.

To take it a step further, check out this guest post of mine about how to save on travel by using credit card points in my post, 6 Ways to Save Money by Travel Hacking. On the flip side, there are ways to save money traveling without having to use credit card points. BabyBoomerSuperSaver gives us that post titled: How to Travel Hack Without Using Credit Card Points.

While I am ALLLLLL about travel, I am also becoming more conscious of our environmental impact. There’s alot out there about carbon footprints and how you can reduce it. Unfortunately, traveling, with its long flights and long train rides, falls under this banner. I’ve actually heard some people say that they are going to cut back on trips in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Nomadic Matt gives us an article on “flight shaming” as it’s called and goes over whether or not such a move will actually . make a difference. Check it out and see what you think! FLIGHT SHAMING: IS FLYING BAD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT?


Did you know that each month represents a “best time of year” to purchase certain items? I always figured that the black friday sales, or any long holiday weekend sales were the way to go. Nope. Super Savings Tips gets us the inside scoop on what you should be looking for each month (assuming you’re looking for stuff at all). Check it out and see if it helps you save major bucks this year! The Best Time to Buy Things This Year


Anyone looking to make a career change? A lot of people I speak to are interested in consulting, or going into business for themselves. There are alot of advantages of doing so, but how do you go about setting yourself up? YourMoneyGeek has a post explaining just that in How to Become a Consultant and Make More Money Consulting in 2020

If you need motivation carrying on with your career goals, or pursuing some passion or another, reading quotes can sometimes help. A good quote can go a long way to helping you get up and say “yea, lets do this!” I like to Dabble has a post listing: Hustle Quotes: 85 Perfect Quotes to Inspire Your Hustle

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