Weekend Toast 5/10

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one-stop-shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass.

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: get out of debt; Mother’s Day gift ideas; disagreeing with Dave Ramsey; switching careers; practicing gratitude; small space organization; small towns you must visit

Cheers! (and stay safe everyone)


Got a lot of debt? Need to get out of it or get a handle on what you’re dealing with? Debt Discipline provides you with some solutions to help you climb your way out of the hole you’re in, no matter how big. DROWNING IN DEBT? TRY THESE 15 SIMPLE RECOVERY STEPS

So today is Mother’s Day. If you’re like me and have completely lost track of time and don’t know what to get her/do for her, check out this post by Money Saved Money Earned 3 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank. Not only will these not cost you, but you can also do them at home, from home, and even last minute.

Who’s working on paying off debt? Who’s also a Dave Ramsey Fan? He’s helped a lot of people straighten out their finances, but I’ve heard a lot too about how his techniques aren’t always relevant. I honestly don’t believe in his debt snowball method for one (also not how I paid off my own loans). Xrayvsn has a few more things to say about how he disagrees with the financial guru in his post 5 Reasons Why I Disagree with Dave Ramsey. Take-home lesson: read everything you can, but make sure what you use makes sense for you. Check it out and see what you think.


There have been a ton of layoffs lately due to circumstances. I’m sure there are also people still employed who are considering alternative career paths, again due to circumstances. My Life, I Guess cautions you on making a change without doing some self-reflecting. Her post Before You Switch Careers, Ask Yourself These 8 Essential Questions guides you through some important things you should consider before embarking on your job hunt.


It’s a marathon dealing with this pandemic, and we need to be able to keep going, deal with stress, and figure out ways to be productive and stay healthy. DrMcFrugal brings us another point of view in his post Practice Gratitude to Build Resilience During A Crisis. The more you’re able to give thanks, and recognize all that you have (versus what you’re missing), the more you are able to keep your head up and “weather the storm”. See what he’s grateful for as a physician and avid traveler, and take some time to note all that you have as well.

It’s hard to stay motivated and busy during a quarantine; there are tons of things to do at home, and we’re lucky to live in an era of the Internet to help us out. However, sometimes its also good to step away from the screen and get stuff done around the house. Blessingsbyme has a way for you to tackle those closets and help you at least get organized there. Organizing a Small Closet on a Budget. Check out her tips for organizing, especially if you have a small space to work with. I’d also suggest, if you’re limited, to consider building capsule wardrobes so that you get more wear and outfit options with fewer pieces. And if you’ve gotten rid of a lot of things and need to find ways to rebuild, don’t worry, you don’t need to break the bank: dress to impress on a budget.


Yea, we can’t go anywhere right now. It sucks. However, this will not last forever, AND I’m betting that traveling within our own borders will happen before international travel resumes to it’s fullest. In which case, we need travel inspo stateside! Far and Wide curated a list of cool SMALL towns in the USA to visit. Along with pictures, there’s a little blurb about each spot. There’s a lot of culture and things to see in our backyard. Maybe we can use this restrictive travel opportunity to see and explore more of it (when it’s safe to do so of course)! America’s Coolest Small Towns by State

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