Weekend Toast 5/5

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one stop shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass.

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: retirement savings, pre and post tax investing, being a good leader, moving up at work, secrets of success, boss babe podcasts, international food tours.



Anyone joining the job market, or those of you already in it, the first thing that you start to hear about is retirement.  Kind of annoying if you’ve just started working and just want to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  BUT its important to start thinking about how much to save and how much you may need once you retire.  More importantly, how long will your savings last? Because no one wants to have to come out of retirement due to financial difficulty.  Your Money Geek addresses this very issue and explains the 4% rule. A great read.  How long Will My Retirement Savings Last? Understanding The 4% Rule

Investing is all the rage, and has been for many years obviously, but it seems our generation is finally now realizing the importance and value of setting aside money in a consistent manner.  However, which money should you put aside? and when? and how much? and which is better? Dr. Breathe Easy Finance addresses the question of pre versus post tax investments and gives you example calculations that you can hopefully apply to your own situation! Check it out: Pretax vs After Tax Investment – Which Is Better?


Leadership qualities — most of us professionals aim to hone those skills and build them up as we progress in our careers.  I found this article on LinkedIn written by greek yogurt mogul Chobani on how we need to change up how we handle business and the people we employ.  I think some of his insights can be applied to any field and definitely ignites a different way of thinking about your role as a leader.  Check it out 4 Responsibilities of a Good Leader 

No matter what your chosen field, getting ahead, moving up, getting promoted, standing out are all goals that people usually have.  This is because that usually translates into more pay, and more job security.  But even if you want to get ahead, doesn’t mean you always can, or will.  Accidental Fire shares some strategies that you can put into place to accomplish those goals.  Read more at How I Excelled At My Job And Moved Up Faster Than Others.


How do you define success? Do you look to someone in particular when you think about this term? Everyone has a different version of what success means to them, however there’s usually some commonalities amongst those considered to be highly successful.  The Money Mix shares some of these characteristics in their post What I Learned About Success From Interviewing Wildly Successful People. 

While I have listened to some podcasts here and there, its not my primary go to for information.  However, I’ve become more interested, and in my search for ones to listen to, I stumbled across this post by Boss Babe Chronicles.  She shares her list of the best podcasts to listen to, by women and for women.  Check out the list at Best Podcasts for Girl Bosses.  


If you follow my Instagram, which you should because it’s awesome, you’ll know that I recently got back from a three week trip to New Delhi, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.  In case you missed my first post in that travel series, check it out here: Preparing for a trip to India.  Don’t forget to stay tuned for more stories and insights to come!

One of the best things about my trip was allllll the food I got to eat.  Travel Dudes also agrees that food is an important part of any international experience.  They have compiled a list of The Best Multi Day Food Tours Around the World that they deem are the best.  In case you have travel plans to any of these locations, take a look and see if you can work this in! Happy travels!


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