Weekend Toast 6/16

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one stop shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass.

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: empowerment and financial freedom; home buying with student loans; forming work boundaries; questions to ask for a happy life; proper sunscreen application; reducing travel stress by planning less.



Taking control of your finances, knowing what you owe and where your money is being spent, is probably the number one way to empower yourself to being the badass you really are. Xrayvsn also thinks so and describes exactly how to go about it in his post Empowering Yourself Through Financial Freedom. Check it out and make you should do everything he says to be on your financially free way!

Your Money Geek is turning into my BFFL. I’m pretty sure this is the third Weekend Toast I’m including him in :). He shared a post recently on whether or not you should buy a home if you still have student loans. Many people do this, and depending on where you live and your exact financial situation, your answer may vary. For me, the answer was no. What do you think? Check it out at: Should I Buy a House if I Still Have Student Loans?


How often do we feel obligated to take part in work related committees, events, planning, leadership, or administrative activities? Participating and being present is definitely one way to ensure that your work is noticed, your voice is heard and you establish your place amongst your colleagues. However, not all modes of participation are helpful; in fact, over participating can take away from your free time – a precious commodity that you should protect. The Physician Philosopher tells you how you can establish boundaries with his post 4 ways to Draw Lines in Sand at Work. Check it out, maybe you need to take steps in this direction!


The question of all ages: what is the secret to a happy life? Everyone has a different point of view depending on the journey they take. CNBC asked Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com founder, this question and he came back with a list of 12 questions that you need to ask yourself. The answer to your happiness lies in the answer to these questions. See what I mean at: Billionaire Jeff Bezos: To live a happy life with no regrets by age 80, ask yourself these 12 questions.

Shifting gears here: it’s summer time! I’m sure everyone has noticed that fact. I hope you guys in the rest of the country aren’t dying of heat exhaustion (remember to hydrate people!). I know everyone is trying to get tan and establish their summer “glow”, but PLEASE wear sunscreen. You’ll still tan, but you’ll be protecting yourself. Jill Grimes MD takes us through the UV risks and exactly how much, and how often, sunscreen should be applied. Don’t forget, even if the sun isn’t out, there can still be UV radiation. Sunscreen 101.


I’m a planner; I love Microsoft Excel and spreadsheets; for anyone who has requested my travel itineraries, you’ll know how detailed my spreadsheets can be. For as much as I plan though, I always know that traveling requires flexibility. You never know what will happen when you’re abroad, and being able to enjoy your travels fully means being able to roll with the punches and to make the most of whatever situation you find yourself in. For that reason, a lot of what I have on my spreadsheets before I leave is just a list of suggestions and ideas. Maybe once a day I’ll have something booked and prepaid, but the rest is open and I’ll pull from those list of ideas to fill up the rest of my day. The New York Times shared an article about travel stress and how to reduce it by actually planning less. They take what I do even one step further by suggesting that you only really plan for your first few days and then the last day, and then leave the rest open. Check it out and see if you agree! To Reduce Travel Stress, Plan Less

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