Weekend Toast 6/2

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one stop shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass.

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: staying safe while traveling solo; permitting yourself to spend; the best time of year for big purchases; your personal net worth; saving money during wedding season; lining up your professional priorities; the best jobs to do from home; defining and practicing self respect and self compassion.



I’m all for travel and solo travel and exploring exotic lesser known places…however, not everywhere that seems amazing is safe. As strong, confident, self assured and well practiced in travel as you may be, as a woman, you are an easy target. It’s important, then, to always keep your eyes open and pay attention to where you are and how you feel in each and every situation. I’m not saying you should be scared as a female traveler, just that proceeding with caution will go a long way. Plus, avoiding dangerous areas helps. Forbes compiled a list of the 10 Most Dangerous Places For Women Travelers (And How To Stay Safe).


A lot of blogs and articles out there talk about saving money, living frugally and being cognizant of your spending and debts. Young Fire Knight reminds you that you can also have fun while being financially wise. All you have to do is Give Yourself Permission To Spend Money

Need a new bed? Car? Planning wedding dress shopping? Take stock of when different deals are in play throughout the year, and you can save big on otherwise expensive items. Saving Joyfully saves you time trying to figure that out with her post on WHEN to spend on certain items. This is probably one of the most useful posts I’ve seen, especially given that I’m making a lot of changes around my home. Check it out at THE BEST TIME OF YEAR TO BUY MANY ITEMS.

Shifting gears a bit…let me ask, what is your net worth? Do you know? Have you ever thought to calculate it? Maybe you’re unsure why you’d need to, but Wealthy Nickel says you do, and he tells you why and how to make one in the post How to Create Your Personal Net Worth Statement (And Why You Need It). I think this is a great way to have all the information on your finances in one spot. At one glance you’ll be able to assess your financial health. Have a look and see if you can make one for yourself!

Guys wedding season is upon us. I’m sure everyone has gotten invitations for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers etc etc etc. But attending all these events can become very pricey…the expenses add up. It’s not just airfare and hotel, it’s also the gifts, and the time off of work. Women Who Money give some advice on how you can save during wedding season, and ask some very insightful questions regarding, “should you even attend??”, “do you need to say yes to each and every event??” See what I mean, and see if you can save some dollars with their post How Can I Save Money When Attending Weddings? (Without Being A Cheapskate)


NonClinicalDoctors is a site geared towards helping physicians navigate the world of careers outside of medicine. One of the things you need to consider before making any changes is what your professional priorities are. Lining up what you know about yourself has to come first, and then you can look for something that fits with what you value. I think this is true, actually, for any professional looking to transition careers or make a change. Check out WHAT ARE YOUR PROFESSIONAL PRIORITIES? and take a look at their career toolkit! See if it works for you!

I shared an article by Your Money Geek on my last Toast and he asked me if we were best friends. To which I said, yes. And it’s looking like that friendship is going strong, because I’m about to share another one of his articles. For anyone looking for opportunities to work from home, check out his post The 10 Best Work From Home Jobs: Reviewed and Tested .


There’s a lot of talk about self love, self care, mindfulness and work life balance for the sake of taking care of your mental health. Dr. Melissa Welby asks another question. What is self-respect? and How do you incorporate that into your life? Her post What is Self-Respect answers these questions and is a great read. Everyone needs to take a minute to make sure you take a look inward and gauge how much self respect you have. If you’re lacking, please make it a priority!

Related to Dr. Welby’s post is one by Excel Health MD on self compassion. These terms all may seem interchangeable and the same to you, but there are subtle differences. In addition to self respect, we should also practice self compassion. Unsure of how to do that? check out her post Self Compassion.

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