Weekend Toast 8/16/20

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The Weekend Toast series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one-stop-shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass.

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: calming hobbies, nonphysical benefits of exercise, meeting your potential, stop impulse buying, rapper money quotes, living on your own financially, sharing your salary, road trip essentials, popular camping destinations.

Cheers! (and stay safe everyone)


Life is stressful. Many of us cope by meditating or exercising. Tidbits of Care also gives you some ideas to keep yourself busy AND calm yourself. I think it’s a win-win strategy to decompress. See if any of these ideas work for you! 5 Calming Hobbies to Try Sooner Than Later.

Not a new post, however, given that I just stumbled across it I thought I’d share. From my friends at The Money Mix and Your Money Geek, 7 Amazing Non-Physical Benefits of Exercise. For anyone needing the motivation to get up and move, hopefully, this post helps!

Are you living up to your potential? Have you taken steps to reach that potential? Have you pushed the boundaries of your comfort zone to see what is possible for you? Small Revolution gives you 8 Steps on How to Live Your Life to the Fullest Potential. Little things you do for yourself every day add up over time. When you one day you look back you realize all that you’ve done and how much more you can do.


Trying to get a hold of your finances? Can’t figure out where your money is going? Maybe it’s all unplanned purchases. Money Life Wax has the post for you: How to Stop Impulse Buying (You don’t need all that stuff).

Love hip hop and rap music? Love money? Want to hear some quotes from rappers about money? (God knows they have enough of it). Radical FIRE has the post for you: 23 Best Rapper Quotes About Money

With work from home all the rage nowadays, people are moving out of expensive cities into suburbs, or to different parts of the country altogether. Moving can be expensive and complicated. There’s so much to do and remember. For some, you may be going from a roommate situation to living on your own. To help you further manage your finances with independent living, Keeping up with the Bulls has advice on 10 FINANCIAL TIPS FOR LIVING ON YOUR OWN.

Despite the wage gap is the smallest it’s ever been…there’s still a gap. Even amongst women in similar roles at the same company, there are differences. One of the issues, I think, is the lack of transparency. We simply don’t know what our colleagues are earning either because the company we work for hides it, or we make a personal choice not to divulge the information. A Purple Life decided to let loose on this information and discovered that many she worked with earned less than her despite having the same experience or more. Knowledge is power. Unless you know the issues, and ask for what you know you deserve, you won’t get it. What Happened When I Shared My Salary With My Coworkers?


Going abroad is not really an option anymore as most of the world has shut out US citizens. However, there’s plenty to see stateside if you’re up for it. A road trip to a nearby destination for a long weekend or a few days can fulfill your need to get out. If you do decide to do this, Money Saved is Money Earned has the guide for Road Trip Essentials: What to Pack and What to Leave at Home. Check it out and happy road tripping!

I personally am not a camper. However, given the social distancing guidelines in place right now I’m hearing more and more people opt for camping as a vacation option. The Travel Dudes give you the 3 Popular Places to Camp in the US.

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