Weekend Toast 9/9/18

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The “Weekend Toast” series is a collection of recently published articles by other bloggers that I put together to share. Consider this your one stop shop for remaining up-to-date on being a badass ????

So, grab your drink of choice, put your feet up and get ready to read!

This week: Healthy sleep habits; a way to treat eczema; finding out what makes you happy; building your financial house; setting up an IRA; and making sure you get paid for your time.


For all the mom’s and dad’s out there, The Pediatric Ninja shares some great tips on getting your kids off to sleep and to develop good sleep hygiene this school year.  Reading through these, I felt it was all relevant for adults as well.  So if you’re struggling, see if these tips help you, in Health Sleep Habits for School.

For anyone who has suffered from eczema, you know how irritating (pun not intended) the issue can be.  My mom has had it, and I had a mild case this past winter.   Xrayvsn shares his own experience in his daughter and how using goat milk soap helped resolve her symptoms! I’m definitely keeping this in my back pocket for the future.  Read the full story at The Doctor’s Bag: The G.O.A.T. 

It’s very easy to see all the negatives in your life, and very difficult to identify the positives.  Especially in our social media laden culture where all we do is compare our lives to those we are “friends” with and tally up the things we don’t have or the things we don’t do.  I, myself, have sat down on numerous occasions to write down things in my life that are good, going well, and that make me happy.  It’s amazing how, once you start to put pen to paper, you start remembering all the positives.  The Most Rewarding Life has done the same in her post 30 Things that Make me Happy.  Check out her list and then take a moment to make your own this weekend! You’ll have a whole new appreciation for your life, just the way it is. 🙂

Adulting and finances are like oil and water for most people in regards to what to do, how to start, what matters and what doesn’t.  Women Who Money lays out an excellent financial plan in Women and Money: How to Build Your Financial House.  She starts with the necessary foundation elements and helps you build up from there.  It’s an easy to follow, foolproof way to get started (if you haven’t) or to shift your priorities in case you missed a step.

Taking finances one step further, when it comes to investing and savings, I use Vanguard.  I find it to be really user friendly, and their fees are pretty much nothing.  Of Mice and Money goes over how you can set up an account for yourself in How to: Set Up A Roth IRA Three Fund.  Check out and, if you haven’t done so already, open your own account and get to saving!

Time is valuable.  Everyone’s is, and for those of us trying to start something on the side, we have to be especially careful with how we spend our time.  Giving out free information and doing things for free may help you gain clients/customers, but how do you know when to draw the line? Or how to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of?  This article is not from a blog, but I saw it at Forbes.com and I think its a helpful start to setting boundaries for yourself and those who seek you and your knowledge out.  See what I mean at How to Make Money When Someone Wants to ‘Pick Your Brain’.  I’m terrible at this, so I definitely intend to incorporate some of these tips in my life.


Sharing is caring!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Toast 9/9/18”

  1. Thank you so much for including me on the Weekend toast.

    My daughter still has had great results from this product so hopefully others suffering from this can benefit too.

    1. of course! i’m glad you were able to find something so simple that worked. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. I’m glad I was able to share it too!

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