Your packing list for Scotland and Ireland

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While preparing for this trip (here are some tips on packing lightly), I did some research into the weather and basically did a google search of what to pack.  The consensus was that the weather is unpredictable and to pack layers. Pretty vague and not that helpful in my opinion.

So here’s my packing list, specifically, for the week:

  • To wander/sightsee: 2 tanks, 2 t shirts, 1 long sleeved shirt, two pairs of tights, a long cardigan that goes with everything, smart wool socks (for rainy, wetness) sneakers
  • To go to dinner/be cute: 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of tights (that look like pants), 2 cute long sleeved shirts, 1 cute short sleeved shirt, 1 cute and light sweater, flats
  • I have a long jacket (should probably do waterproof or a shell given the rain situation, but I have neither and no time to shop–so I opted a long jacket made of that slick material that doesn’t get wet easily)
  • 2 scarves that go with everything and to help keep warm in case the rain also brings the cold
  • undergarments, pajamas, make up, toiletries, plug adapter, kindle, umbrella
  • passport, cash, credit cards

One of the best way to exchange currency is via ATMs.  So I’m taking my debit card and my amex ( you can use it as a debit, just call them and get a PIN–any ATM with the amex sign will accept it)

I’ve packed extra tops given that the weather is predicted to be so rainy, but I’ve managed to fit it all into my carry on and back pack. 
So we’ll see how it goes! Keep an eye out for all the instagrams! (@youbethree)

Sharing is caring!

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